Sit and Stand Stroller

Sit and Stand Stroller

When you are a busy parent with two or more small children at your side you need an easy and convenient method of transporting your kids from place to place. This is why baby strollers are now found in almost every family home. What could be better for you and your little ones than owning a convenient, wheeled baby-carrier?

There are tandem strollers (that allow you to place two small children side by side), double strollers, lightweight umbrella models and many other design variations that you can now consider purchasing. One of the newest models that has made waves with parents is the popular Sit and Stand Stroller.

What is a Sit and Stand Stroller?

Essentially this product is exactly what the name states. Often its called Sit n Stand Stroller. Children are able to exercise a few options regarding their mode of-transport. An infant can recline in a normal car seat that is attached to the frame of the stroller. Toddlers and pre-school age children are given a rear seat to use if they wish. When your kids are becoming more active and want to be mobile this stroller offers a stable platform on which they can sit, ride or stand. The parent stands directly behind the child and always has a clear view of both seating areas.

Sit n Stand Stroller

Sit n Stand Stroller

The sit and stand strollers are equipped to handle children of multiple ages. These strollers also allow parents to keep their toddlers and infants safe while providing taxi service. Experienced parents already know how early kids demand some independence. Even those tiny tots are going to have some days when they want to crawl out of the stroller seat and walk beside mom and dad.This means that you are constantly trying to keep your eyes on two kids that are now in two different locations. If you simply force an older child to sit in a stroller seat that they feel is too juvenile then those temper tantrums will really kick into overdrive.

Sit and stand addressed this problem by providing a design that gives the older sibling a chance to feel more independent and a little more “grown up”. Now they are not being “stuffed” into the seat of a stroller that they believe is beneath their level of young dignity.

The stroller has a front seat that can be adapted to hold the car seat of an infant. The rear seat can be occupied by an older sibling. If the older sibling wants to sit/stand you can just remove the back seat and let your toddler relax in comfort.

Those standard strollers generally only offer one option for a toddler-to remain seated in that small seat. Most toddlers do not accept such confinement with a sunny attitude. They can become frustrated and then parents have no option other than to carry the unhappy child in their arms or spend many wasted moments trying to argue over this issue.

With a sit n stand stroller you have multiple riding positions available. You can keep all of your children safe from harm and still keep the older ones happy at the same time.It is the combination of including both an infant seat attachment device, and removable conventional seats, that have made this particular product a popular choice with new parents.

Your older child can get on and off the stroller as needed. The removal of the back seat provides enough freedom to keep these kids from feeling confined and restricted. Then they are no longer relegated to the same type of transportation as their younger sibling. They may even do more sitting than standing but the element of freedom is not going to be overlooked. At the same time it is easy for you to keep your eyes on both children because of the streamlined stroller design as well as everything is arranged in a nice, straight line.

Types of Sit n Stand Strollers

Some of the high-end sit and stand strollers offer more than just a place for your kids to sit. These offer a number of special features, removable trays, cup holders and storage baskets.

The strollers are designed to accommodate two car seats, two toddlers, two infants or an infant and an older sibling. Almost any combination of kids can enjoy the smooth ride offered by a sit n stand.

You can discover deluxe models of the sit’n’stand stroller that are lightweight and exceptionally easy to maneuver in crowded situations.

There are sit and stand strollers that also offer a quality car seat for infants.This gives parents an instant travel system with one single purchase. You get the stroller, car seat and sit and stand versatility all in one package deal.

One model even includes a mesh cover that keeps your baby comfortable without restricting the air circulation. Many of these sit/stand strollers also offer canopy tops for additional sun/wind protection.

Some of these strollers have removable wheels. This makes it even easier to store in a small closet or car trunk.

You can also convert some sit and stand strollers into a one seater if your older child has outgrown the need for this type of transportation.

With a sit n stand you are sure to enjoy the following

  • Function
  • Form
  • Style
  • Extreme versatility

Benefits of Owning a Sit and Stand Stroller

You will receive all of the traditional benefits of owning a stroller plus a few bonus benefits.

  • Convenience-no more tired arms from struggling to carry your kids.
  • Doubling Up-you can easily transport 2 kids at the same time without tiring.
  • Happy Toddlers- your older children will enjoy more freedom while using the sit and stand stroller.
  • Organization-you can also carry your purse, shopping bags, books and more in the stroller basket.
  • Comfort-the sit and stand stroller is designed for maximum comfort.
  • One-hand operation-many of these strollers can be folded/unfolded using only one hand
  • Bonding Time- this stroller will help you and your children enjoy some quality bonding time while on the move.
  • EZ Maneuvering- with large, swivel wheels you will discover that the Sit and Stand stroller is very easy to maneuver even if you are pushing two pre-school aged kids.
  • Quick transition- whether you need to convert from a 1 seat to a 2 seat arrangement it only takes a minute to make those simple adjustments.

What You should Consider before Buying a Stroller

Before making a purchase of a new stroller there are some things that you should first consider.

Weight- The weight of a stroller can make a big difference in how often you are going to use it. If this will be the primary method of transporting your child then a heavier stroller will offer some definite advantages.

Versatility- Is the stroller going to offer you enough versatility to justify the cost expenditure? A model that can be used from infancy through those pre-school years can be very convenient.

Mobility- You do need to test the model before buying it. The wheels should be able to roll and swivel without unnecessary hesitation.

Braking system- Just like a car a good stroller will be equipped with brakes.

Size- Will the sit and stand stroller fit neatly into your car trunk, mini-van or closet?

Wheels- Larger wheels will often give better performance value to any stroller.

Approval- has the stroller received the stamp of approval from an organization such as Juvenile Products Manufacturers’ Association?

Harness/Lap Belts- are these safety measures meeting the highest standards ?

Ratings- Study the consumer reviews and ratings that the sit and stand stroller has garnered. This will help you gain a better understanding of the product features and discover what parents really think about the stroller.

Child Weight Limit- Some of the sit and stand strollers can accommodate up to 80 pounds (40 pounds per child) and others will offer weight accommodations of 100 pounds (or more).

Ease of use- does the stroller handle easily whether kids are on-board or the seats are empty?

Height of Handgrips- Are the handgrips at a height that you find comfortable? Are they adjustable?


Special Features of the Sit and Stand Strollers

Locking Mechanism- secure adjustment that will keep the infant car seat from falling or shifting.

Convertibility- use as a single stroller-convert to a tandem-then back to a single seat model as desired.

Travel System-many models offer the option of a factory-to-customer travel system. This means that you get the sit and stand design plus a specially designed infant car seat that is part of the package.

Child Friendly- these strollers are built to please active children who want a little more freedom. The strollers feature the rear jump seat as well as a platform to use for sitting or standing. More choices means happier kids.

Swivel Wheels- The wheels are designed for maximum maneuverability on a number of different surfaces.

Adjustable Handgrips- This makes it both comfortable and easy for a parent to push the stroller.

Stroller Accessories

Accessories for a sit and stand stroller give you additional value for your dollar. Some accessories may be included in the premium models, but you can always purchase these items at a later time.

Canopy Cover-Colorful fabric tops can be added to the stroller. Adjust as needed to keep children comfortable.

Cup Holders- neatly keeps drinks handy.

Tray-removable trays can give your child a surface on which you can place food or small toys.

Storage basket/bag- these attach to the stroller and can be used as holders for many different small items.